New South Wales (NWS) airdrops 2,000 pounds of carrots and sweet potatoes to help animals survive in Australia

You will be aware of the fire disaster that has affected all living and non-living things in Australia. The fire disaster has lead close to 30 people dead and quite a huge number injured. Thousands of homes owned by Citizen of Australia’s were destroyed. But a lot of people has forgotten that animals were mostly affected by these wildfires. Currently in Australia,a lot of injured of animals are being treated in several animal hospital in the country. Those who had survived the great fires, had no other option than to relocate to a safe and new location.

The New South Wales (NSW) government has made it their responsibility and priority to ease the transition for those animals who have survived but had nowhere to feed or a location/source of food. New South Wales (NSW) took out an operation named ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’ which purpose is to make sure that one vulnerable species survives. On that note, a strategy was put into play by airdropping foods that weighs over 2,000 pounds. These foods were mainly carrots and sweet potatoes. Officials at NWS hopes to give brush-tailed rock-wallabies enough nutrition to make it through this time of great transition.

Matt Kean who is the NWS minister for Energy & Environment has been consistently creating a lot of awareness by posting about Operation Rock Wallaby. He also went further to give well detailed information concerning the processes behind the mission. This was what he said: “The provision of supplementary food is one of the key strategies we are deploying to promote the survival and recovery of endangered species like the brush-tailed rock-wallaby. Initial fire assessments indicate the habitat of several important brush-tailed rock-wallaby populations was burnt in the recent bushfires. The wallabies typically survive the fire itself, but are then left stranded with limited natural food as the fire takes out the vegetation around their rocky habitat.”

It has been put into record that this is the most widespread rock-wallaby food drop that has ever been conducted by New South Wales. These little marsupials dwell on rock piles and cliff lines and had been facing difficult times even before the fires spread through out Australia. The marsupials were among the 15 wallably species in Australia that were already affected by fires in New South Wales. Most native species have disappeared which has made wallabies to be on the decline, and this has strengthened the Operation Rock Wallaby to be most important as of the moment.

Do you know that a total of 1.25 billion (estimated by World Wildlife Fund) animals have been killed in the on going bushfires? The death record does not only include animals who perished in the flames, but animals who were injured or whose homes were destroyed.

Operation Rock Wallaby - NSW Australia


  1. You can join the Irwin family by contributing to their fundraising program going on at their hospital, which aim is to treat and help thousands of for victims.
  2. WWF Australia is not left out in. You can also donate to help injured animals and also prepare for habitant restoration once they have cleared the fires.
  3. RSPCA in NSW is also busy keeping livestock safe when people need to evacuate
  4. Presently, WIRES has also helped to converse and rehabilitate Australia’s wildfire.