How to live longer by running Marathons

A woman resting while on a run
Photograph: svetikd/Getty Images

Do you know that running can bring a lot of benefits to your health? Running helps to strengthen your bones (including your knees) and also, it serves as a major improvement to ones mental health. Scientist also discovered that smug pavement-pounders can turn back time. Knowing this is another boon to us.

Recently, great health researchers at the University College London and Barts health NHS trust made use of MRI and ultrasound to track a group of 138 marathoners. They used this opportunity to calculate the biological age of their artery in the body before and after their training. The age of a mane really affects the function of the aorta. The older we get makes the aorta to become stiff which increases the rate of risk in the heart. This can lead to heart disease and also, it can lead to the function of vital part of the body. Research has it that taking out time to train for a marathon will not only help to reduce the possibility of heart diseases but also, it reverses it by an impressive four years.

It is in particular heartening certain that every member was exceptional marathon runners, with concluding times stuck between 4.5 and 5.5 hours – extremely comparable to the UK standard. Therefore for anybody feeling motivated to train for a marathon as a product of the study, here’s what you have to be familiar with.


Tom Craggs who is England Athletics coach stated that: “Training for your first marathon can feel daunting but, with patience and a plan, it is an achievable challenge.” Are you a beginner in running? Therefore, the Couch to 5k is the perfect introduction for you to start with. I started running in 2012 and this was the exact same step I started with, and ever since then, I have ran a total of 13 marathons. Tom craggs also said that: “Make sure you give yourself enough time to build sustainably. If you are new to running, build up off a patient mix of running and walking.”


As a beginner, it is very important to know the gears needed to kick start your training in marathon. Although running may be inexpensive but that doesn’t tend to be the case with the gears because you have to invest a lot in the right and most vital gears for beginners. These gears include the right pair of trainers and also, the proper sports bra for women. I strongly that you analyze the right size of your gears by jogging on a treadmill for a couple of minutes. In this way, experts will be able to suggest the right shoe size for you.


The longer you keep training; your mental will have no choice than to adjust to your training sections. It is very difficult to wake up every morning to start training, but with the help or assistance of your mental toughness, you will be willing to get round 2.62 miles. In other words, the longer you run also trains and strengthens your brains and legs as well.