Avoid 8 Exercises over the Age of 40

Exercise is the part and parcel of human life. Bodily movement informally is the exercise; however, the formal exercise is carried out at the gym, at home and in parks at proper times of the day. Different body parts made flexible with different kinds of exercises. The youngsters can take exercise for long hours without hurting their body parts however the people over the age of forty (40) have to be very careful while taking some particular exercise. The carelessness can cause severe injuries not to be healed easily and quickly. Eight worst exercises; over the age of forty; have to be avoided.

1.     Avoid Crunches

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To reduce the size of the belly and give it an attractive shape you spend more time in crunches. The people exceeding the age of the forty suffer from the big belly and make many efforts to reduce it with churches. The crunches cause spinal pain in people over the age of 40. You may have been taking crunches exercise before the age of forty. It was very helpful for you to shape your belly and maintain abs; however, with growing age, your spinal cord cannot endure excessive pressure. The crunches build excessive pressure on your spinal cord and you get injured.

2. Avoid Leg Extending Exercise

Leg Extension Exercise
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In the early age of life, your body parts are flexible. Even you can extend your legs easily. Over the age of 40, extending legs is vulnerable to knee and ankle injuries not to be healed soon. The flexibility of the bones and their joints lessen to a great degree resultantly they are susceptible to injuries. The ankle and knee get injured while you take leg extending exercises over the age of forty.

3. Avoid Squats while Exercising

How to do squats correctly
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Squat exercises are particular for legs and gluts. Nevertheless, the squats exercises for people over the age of 40 may cause hip joint injuries. With time the bones and joints remain no longer flexible and squat exercise causes them pain and injuries.

4. Avoid Dead-lifts


Dead-lift is also a nice exercise to be taken by the young athletes however improper dead-lift can cause severe spinal injuries in the youngster as well as the people over the age of 40. The people over the age of 40 are susceptible to spinal pain and injury. They should avoid dead-lift while taking exercise.

5.  Avoid Triceps dips


Over the age of forty, the flexibility of your bones and their joints lessen to a certain extent. Taking many exercises you are susceptible to injury at this age when the injuries cannot be healed easily. Triceps dips can cause severe spinal injury at the age of forty. Be very careful while taking triceps dips at this age.

6. Avoid Intense Cardio


Cardio includes jumping jacks. No doubt it is a full-body exercise however body of people taking irregular Cardio exercise produces a hormone called Cortisol that causes you to gain weight instead of losing it. Over the age of 40, the intense Cardio loosens your muscles along with making your bones susceptible to injuries.

7- Avoid Leg Press


Not only are the leg extension exercises susceptible to knee and ankle injuries for the people above the age of forty but also the leg press causes the same issues for the very young and old people. On the other hand, the kettle ball exercises provide you with the same benefits that you try to get from leg press exercises. Carefully take the kettle ball exercises.

8- Behind the Neck Lat Pull Down

Behind the Neck Pulldown

Behind the neck, lat pulldown exercise is very good to make strong muscles. However, with the time you increase the weight and hurt your shoulder and rotator cuffs. Over the age of forty, your exercise under discussion is injurious to your shoulder. You need to avoid the exercise exchanging it with some other exercises as per the instructions of your gym coach. It is worth mentioning here that all kinds of exercises should be taken under the supervision of a competent coach. You need to discuss your issues with the coach to find the right solution to your problem. Taking exercise is a very serious matter; taking improper exercises you cause severe injuries and sometimes become paralyzed forever.


No doubt a person taking exercise regularly stays healthy and fit for the whole of his life. Exercises ensure a long and healthy life indeed; however, some exercises taken by a youngster do not suit the persons above the age of 40. The flexible bones and joints of the young human body endure extra pressure and the injuries occurring as a result of hard exercises heal very soon. On the other hand, the same exercises taken by the person over the age of forty sometimes cause severe injuries not to be healed soon. Such a person needs to consult the gym coach before taking some particular exercise.