30 Hotel Secrets the Front Desk Doesn’t Want You to Know

30 Hotel Secrets the Front Desk Doesn’t Want You to Know

It must be a heart-wrenching situation when we find the hotel-room less comfortable as we heard the voice advocating the pleasure and consolation regarding specific professional services. It must be like that because we have to pay the money that is not quickly earned. In this regard, one may face with a filthy room, improper hygienic facilities in attached wash-rooms, less-illuminated rooms, including all those facilities which are not provided as these are charged. All these circumstances may make less enjoyable your entire visit plan deliberately.

There are some ideas which can make your stay at the hotel comfortable, enjoyable, and full of pleasure and happiness.  

1.    Hotel overfill on purpose

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Sometimes, it happens that the hotel staffs deliberately book rooms more than their capacity. It is commonly done due to meet the required numbers in the presence of daily cancellations. Because people cancel their seats due to several reasons. Moreover, they pretend to do it mistakenly. The best way to avoid this panic situation is to inquire about all the information while booking hotel rooms. Commonly, they are responsible for providing a similar good room as it is said in agreement. The prior information in this regard is necessary to be taken.

2.    Reserve Your Room through the Online Access

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 It is good to book the room of the hotel through their own website. No doubt, there are several websites available for booking of rooms in different hotels. But, these websites did not let you gather full information about the rooms available. Mostly, the available rooms on these websites are mostly shown beautiful and full of comforts, but in fact, they are not as described. The best way to book the room is to use the actual website of the hotel.

  • Loop-Hole To Getting Charged For Annulment
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A man has thousands of compulsions. Uninvited problems, for example, urgent works at home or office or sudden death of someone, maybe hurdles standing in front of your visit plan. Even, you have to take U-turn from your way in regard to these compulsions. In all these cases, you have to pay for late cancellation. To avoid getting charged for cancellation notice, first serve the notice for rebooking the room on a later date, then make a call for cancellation.

4.    Request for A Different Room If You Don’t Like the Room You Are In

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Upon reaching the room, firstly, you must take a birds-eye view of the room. Pay specific attention to the things that you have reached on a detailed agreement. There are some other things which are necessary to be taken into consideration, for example, unclean or lacking something. In these entire situations, it is your right to cancel the deal for booking the room and asked for a new one.

5.    Always Be a Friend to the Hotel Staff

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Showing good ethics surely makes your life happy, as well as others. These phenomena are equally applicable to hotel staff and visitors. Only the hotel staff has a lot of ideas to make your visit awesome, and it is the only key by which these treasures of ideas can be opened. To win their favour, you have to treat them nice. Because you have to get their help on several occasions.

6.    Ritz Carlton Staff Have $2000 to Make You Their BFF

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Ritz Carlton is an American based multinational company that has a chain of restaurants and hotels throughout the world. This company gives $2000 to its employees to spend on its customers. If you be nice to them, they may have various opportunities to make you happy and full of pleasure by using that money. Again, the key to winning their hearts is just to use kindness and show good ethics.

7.    Fall Asleep To the View Of Undersea Life

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There are hotels throughout the world that offers you to view the sea life swimming through the coral reef. Poseidon Resort is one of the largest resorts in the world which is offering these services. The other great name is Resort wild in Singapore. There are several other names on this list. Just make yourself prepared and enjoy a breath-taking view of the underground sea.

8.    Try Not To Get Yourself Key Bombed By the Hotel Staff

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The hotel staff must control access to your room. If you make them upset again and again, they can use the option of key bombed your card. You may get into difficulty after getting yourself key -bombed.

9.    Go To a Five-Star Hotel for Clean Sheets

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In light of confession and talks of the employees of different reputable restaurants, it has been visible that the sheets are not always changed at every arrival of guests. To avoid this gruesome situation, you may take your own sheets with you or get a room in a five-star hotel.

10. Check the Seal of the Bottle of the Any Drink

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It is important to check the seal of the bottle before having a drink. One Reddit user told us that he recovered a bottle full of pee after drinking wine from it. So, it is nice to check the seal completely.

11. Don’t Hang Your Used Towels

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it is highly advised that you don’t hang your used towels again. To keep them on the floor is batter to express the wish of getting one fresh more for further use. Unless you want to use it throughout your stay. It is better to get a new one.

12. Glove Up To Watch TV

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If you have the intention to use TV during your stay. It is a common happening that the TV remote is not properly cleaned at every checkout. So, it is necessary either to glove up or to clean the remote thoroughly.

13. Don’t Get Concierge Advice

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You want to go outside of the hotel, don’t, and look concierge’s opinion. Because they often receive commissions and kickbacks by diverting people to a specific place. You may ask bellhop and cleaning staff for the suggestion.

14. Bed Bugs at A Hotel Room

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A bed in a hotel receives a lot of people to provide them with a sleeping place. So, the presence of bed bugs cannot be denied. So, there is a need to check the bed thoroughly. Pay close attention to those bugs and other things, particularly with little torchlight.

15. Do Look After Your Babies Well

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If you have a child with you. It is necessary to look after you well. Remember, it is not included in the hotel staff duty. Make sure your door looks and other hazardous things that are within reach of children, for example, an electric board, etc.

16. Housekeeping Naps in Guest Beads

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It has seen much time due to workload and tiredness. Sometimes, housekeeping staffs take naps in guest beads whenever they find some time free. It is often seen in the rooms where VIP guest stays. Because Workers are allowed to spend more time to clean the rooms.

17.  Tip for Staff

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If one wants to win the heart of someone, he or she should show respect, generosity, and sympathy. A tip is a good way to express gratitude for the services provided. Even one shift of employee ends, and the second shift starts. It is good to pay for a new employee.

18. An Item That Lefts Behind Mistakenly

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Mistakenly leftover items are taken into custody by the staff to be claimed. Sometimes, the staff does not do so. Because they know leftover things are gone into the manager’s possession if not taken back. But, it is often better that we may make a call and inform them.

19. The Upgrade Is Available If You Have a Nice Attitude

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Being nice to hotel staff will give you an opportunity to get a free upgrade. It does not require bribing them with foods and any other things. But, it is necessary to select the right time and avoid a busy time. Because it may be dangerous for their jobs.

20. Cups and Mugs Are Not Cleanest Completely

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Believe it, your mugs and cups are not properly cleaned. Make sure its cleanliness. The staff gets a list of rooms for cleaning utensils. They have much less time to get them cleaned thoroughly. So, they do it quickly. That’s why it is highly advised to check your utensils well.

21. Must Get Free Space

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if you are trying to get a room within widen free space with a low budget, So ask them to give us a corner room. Similarly, in a tall building, try to get the top floor room, it will take you far away from the voices of the floor ground.

22. No Vacancy Means Not No Room Available

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You need not to throw yourself in despair when you see the board no vacancy. It has mostly found that the administration often treats room in repairing process with no room. Don’t get bothered by seeing the board. You should dare to ask if the room is vacant or not.

23. Not Always Free B.Y.O.B

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If you are trying to be smarter and have brought your drinks and beverages with you. You intend to save yourself from extra charges of drinks. Some hotels charges you to use mini-fridge. So there is a need to check the particular of mini-fridge.

24. Safe Is Not Completely Your Protector

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It is highly advised that the safe in your room is not your protector. Moreover, it is uninsured. You may get damaged if you show some slackness. Precious documents and jewelry must be kept in a hotel safe which is insured and have to access to all employees.

25. Front Desk Agent Knows How to Be Smart More than You

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Don’t be over smart if you use your own plan to irritate the front desk agent for some unknown reason. So, try to cool yourself. Because the agent sitting on the front desk is so smart clever enough. He or she knows how to get revenge smartly. For example, he or she makes your card bombed, and you may get into difficulty.

26. Don’t Pay For Movies

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If you are staying in a room and using TV. Don’t need to pay separately for the in-room movie. All just you need to push forward a better excuse like having problems in remote or other things. Nothing more than an excuse.

27. Putting Toothbrush Away Form While Leaving the Room

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Please don’t rely on hotel staff and also don’t rely on your sympathy with them. Put your equipment away from the staff. Many employees confessed that the toothbrush had been used to clean the surface of something. But if you want to save yourself from this situation. So, put your things away.

28. Sometimes, the Hotel Offers You To Take Something With You

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We often feel guilty when we take something from the hotel without permission. But it is the way they welcome us. It means that they encourage us to take our things with a gesture of welcome again. Shampoos, moisturizers, and toothbrushes are given in this regard. Sometimes, they offer you to take slipper with you.

29. Let Staff Clean Your Room In Peace And With No Disturbance

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Starring the work of others is not considered good. Sometimes you do your own work with scattered things, and someone knocks the door. You feel not good because you want to work in privacy. May it is your personal things with which you are working. So, it is better to hang to disturb board at the outside of the door. It is equally applicable to cleaning staff. So, give them time to come later and clean the room. It is better for them as well as you.

30. Need To Be Clever To Use the Liner in Ice Bucket

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It is what the hotel staff offers liner that is in plastic; however, you have to be very careful about these ice-buckets. These ice-buckets are not found with ice or water, most of the time cleaning staff find them filled filthy material like vomit, condom etc. So, you need to avoid using them.