25 Breeds: the World’s Most Expensive Dogs

Everyone knows that man’s best friend is a dog. If you are thinking about taking a dog home, you are encouraged to do some research first. In doing so, you’ll discover many breeds of dogs to pick from, some of which are very costly when you factor in medical and grooming expenses. Also, be mindful of the costs of buying one.

This is a list of the world’s priciest dog breeds available for purchase. Included are each animal’s average ownership price, grooming costs, and healthcare expenses.

Great Dane

Great Dane
Image Source: www.thesprucepets.com

$800 is the price of this breed, on average. While they are simple to groom, Great Danes also come with plenty of health concerns, including cardiomyopathy. This dog breed’s life expectancy is between 7 and 10 years. Healthcare costs for the Great Dane will add up to approximately $7,100.

Kerry Blue Terrier

highcompress-Kerry Blue Terrier
Image Source: www.alamy.com

The buying price for this breed is about $600, making it one of the more inexpensive choices on this list. Sadly, because of all the healthcare concerns involved with the breed, medical expenses can go as high as $7,000. When they are properly cared for, Kerry Blue Terriers can live as long as 15 years.

German Sheppard

Training a German Shepherd
Source Image: pethelpful.com

These breeds are known for being sheepherders, and the buying price for a dog like this is about $800. While they are capable of living as long as 13 years, a German Sheppard’s medical bills could add up to as much as $20,500. Treatment for health conditions they have been known to develop – like perianal fistulas and hip dysplasia – is what makes their medical expenses so costly.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog
Image Source: www.petsworld.in

You can expect to pay $800 or so for this 120-pound breed. These types of dogs come with several health concerns, hip dysplasia and elbow among them, which should set you back approximately $6,500.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
Image Source: www.pets4homes.co.uk

Golden retrievers are considered to be family dogs and may cost as much as $1000. Grooming them will cost you approximately $56, which is necessary to maintain their beautiful golden coats. With regard to medical expenses, golden retrievers come with several health issues, which may set you back $17,500 or so.